Our Pricelist

Gents Cut £14.00 OAP  (Mon-Thu) £10.00
Students (Mon-Thu)
Skinfade + £2
Under 12 yrs
£10.00 Beard Trim Form £6.00
Hot Towel Shave £14.00 Buzz Cut £10.00

Offering Traditional and Modern Haircuts for Years

If you are looking for beautiful Men’ haircuts in Reigate at a price that suits your budget, visit Reidys Barber Shop today. If you think getting a haircut is quite painful or undergoing a grooming session is too expensive, approach us and we will customise the best service that suits your need. We have a track record of offering unique haircut services which can enhance the beauty of your hair and change your look. If you are willing to get a look which will be praised by all, approach our barber shop today and choose any service for men’ hair in Reigate.

Few Haircuts Offered By Us

We begin the process with an initial consultation as we believe in perfection and client satisfaction. The various hairstyles created by our barbers are not only definitive and distinct but also unique. Few of the services offered by our men’s hairdresser in Reigate have been stated below.

Basic Haircut

Clippers and shears are used by our hairdressers to render the short and traditional haircut to men. Clippers are basically used to clean the neckline.

Long Cut

This is more suitable for men with long hair. It is either textured or layered depending on the requirement of the client.

Full Haircut

Though this is quite similar to the basic haircut but includes services like shampooing, shoulder massage and blow dry.

Special Cut

Opt for our Special Cut and get to see the artistic talent of our hairdressers. They consider your facial features and use their skills to enhance the beauty of your hair.

Buzz Cut

If you want to get a defined look on your face, a buzz cut is what you need. It is suitable for men with short hair.


A men’s barber shop providing modern and traditional hairdressing and male grooming services